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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

preschool in the pumpkin patch ;) + halloween pics!

we love FALL!   learning partners preschool takes a trip to linder farms each year to learn about pumpkins and enjoy the season.  it's SO fun for the kids. (usually the windiest day of the month for some reason so the flying dust has been a challenge).  abby is the happiest bennett child this year since she gets to be like the other kids and go to school!

she picked up several pumpkins and carried them around before she decided on this very special one.  she was very proud of it.  (as you can plainly see)  we had a great time picking out the perfect pumpkins for halloween!

my little kindergartener got out in time for the field trip!  he was so happy to meet up with miss shelli.  this picture of nate makes me laugh.  he's very curious about pumpkins.  there is a certain fascination about them isn't there?

i just had to stick this one in of abby.......  i wish i could take credit for it.  my daughter lauren took it.  she's in digital photography and spends quite a bit of time snapping some pretty amazing photos around here.  i love this one she caught of abby :)

believe it or not these woody & jessie costumes were worn by my teenagers ten years ago.....  i have to dig out the photo of them and stick it on here.  they were equally cute back then!

i hurried and edited these halloween pics we took a few days before halloween.  thankfully we had nice weather this year and my little toy story characters cleaned up on candy as usual :)  i'm a little biased, but aren't they SO cute? (you have to appreciate how many times my son has tried to knock out his front teeth when you see his smile :)