hi i'm cheryl.... welcome to my blog! just a few of my favorite moments from each session. i had no idea you could have SO much fun turning a passion into a business. thank you to all those i've had the chance to meet and photograph over the last few years! it has been a blast!

ATTENTION class of 2013: it's time to start thinking about senior portraits! can you believe it? i have an almost senior and am so excited to start thinking about locations and capturing this amazing time in life! summer can be the best time to get that senior portrait thing done so take a peek at some of my seniors here on the blog and CALL or EMAIL ME!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

the larsen family

LOVE how these urban shots turned out... gorgeous brunette group that i've known for YEARS.  they could definitely be models.  it was windy and cold but i think we managed to hide the goose bumps :)  you guys look awesome!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

the stanger family

this session was sooooooo fun for me! i knew stangers back in college and newlywed days (when their oldest was a BABY) and i can hardly believe how grown up and stunning their four daughters are! PLUS they have a son-in-law now. won't be long before my friends are grandparents. now that makes me smile :)  i grew up with four brothers then finally (14 years later) got a sister. i think it's really neat that these four girls have each other to share their lives with.

we did encounter QUITE the windy afternoon so we tried to hide behind structures. they really were such happy subjects and i think we captured the magic you only find in loving families.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

kaylyn's maternity session

CUTE couple! they're expecting their first baby (first grandchild on both sides too)  it's a GIRL!

kaylyn looks absolutely fabulous and has the prettiest tummy. we had lots of fun getting great memories of their very first pregnancy. can't wait to meet miss adalyn :)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

the ricksecker family

i wasn't worried about the colder temperatures with rickseckers.......  last time we did their portraits it rained the entire time and they didn't skip a beat!  the urban thing is perfect going into winter.  we got lucky & there happened to be a very colorful train that we all loved - their spunky group of young adults had some fun with it :)

you guys did great!  thank you for letting me take your family portraits again!

we took a few individuals of this gorgeous smile since she got her braces off recently.....

Thursday, December 1, 2011

the ormsby family

i have just a few sessions left to post then i will be enjoying the christmas holiday!  i love the ormsbys :)  they endured the cold wind with smiles....  and i'm always SO happy (and relieved) to find that we did actually get some great portraits after bad weather like that.  the more i take portraits at the depot the more i love it.

handsome family (these pics of the littlest ormsby warm my heart too... she has lots of fans that will want to check these out ;o)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

the blood family

brrrrrrrrrrr!  this was a chilly, windy day and i am constantly amazed by how happy and willing families are to tromp around in the wintery weather.  i of course can always bundle up and be ugly, but these guys have to look presentable :o) which they did - cute, cute family!

look at this cute little guy... he kinda looks like that adorable, spunky kid on the blind side!  he does huh?  anyway - downtown boise is always great and i think we got some great shots despite the weather!