hi i'm cheryl.... welcome to my blog! just a few of my favorite moments from each session. i had no idea you could have SO much fun turning a passion into a business. thank you to all those i've had the chance to meet and photograph over the last few years! it has been a blast!

ATTENTION class of 2013: it's time to start thinking about senior portraits! can you believe it? i have an almost senior and am so excited to start thinking about locations and capturing this amazing time in life! summer can be the best time to get that senior portrait thing done so take a peek at some of my seniors here on the blog and CALL or EMAIL ME!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

tawni....... class of 2012

well you know that saying, "blondes have more fun?" i just don't know about that.....  this gal was a hoot!  her complexion is flawless - i didn't photoshop ONE blemish anywhere!  when does that ever happen to a teenager?  and her red hair really is this amazing in person...  we had SO much fun and she was game for anything and had lots of ideas.  mom was awesome too :)  thanks for such a fun and colorful shoot!

Friday, August 26, 2011

the coats family

this is my stunning hairdresser and her beautiful family!  i have to admit i kinda got carried away with this blog entry....  there were just TOO MANY cute ones!  thank you amber :o)  was SO fun to spend the evening with your family ~

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

happy trails :0) summer 2011 comes to an end......

we took the opportunity to drag these four beauties around all over boise this summer!  this is my daughter and a handful of her adorable friends.  i don't know who was more pooped after the shoot, me or them??  they were great sports though and we had lots of fun!  (special thanks to the owner of the cute old yellow ford truck...  if it looks familiar to you - it's probably yours!)

Friday, August 19, 2011

grandma's visit :)

we just spent a nice long week with my mom from sunny HOT phoenix... first we took her up to gorgeous mccall to spend most of the week camping. the weather was perfect! we rode waverunners, played on the beach, ate LOTS of yummy food, played games, watched movies, went for walks - even had several deer come by to visit our little campsite.

i just love food network...  one of my favorite shows is "cupcake wars."  have you seen that show?  you will want to make cupcakes all the time.  i've been wanting to visit our cupcake shop here for a while now so we did!  SUCH a fun, adorable little store!  it's in eagle, idaho and it's called Lily Jane Cupcakes.  here's the link.  if you live in the area you have to stop in.  YUM!  http://lillyjanescupcakes.com

another favorite pasttime of ours is the boise farmers market.  we stop at the kettle korn stand first (and buy a jumbo bag) then we try everything else we can find!  local produce, homemade pies, hot donuts w/ chocolate dipping sauce, beautiful sunflowers, toffee, fresh breads of ALL kinds, homemade rootbeer, i could go on and on.....  if you haven't been you have to go!  9:30-1:30 downtown.  take lots of cash and enjoy the fantastic local vendors!

Monday, August 15, 2011

trevor...... class of 2012

i love senior pics! trevor and his mom were great to work with.... he was a little bit on the serious side -  definately had a great "cool guy" pose.  every now and then his mom could get him to really smile though :)  back to one of my favorite locations - the boise depot.  it sure is beautiful in the summer! hope you have a fabulous senior year trevor!