hi i'm cheryl.... welcome to my blog! just a few of my favorite moments from each session. i had no idea you could have SO much fun turning a passion into a business. thank you to all those i've had the chance to meet and photograph over the last few years! it has been a blast!

ATTENTION class of 2013: it's time to start thinking about senior portraits! can you believe it? i have an almost senior and am so excited to start thinking about locations and capturing this amazing time in life! summer can be the best time to get that senior portrait thing done so take a peek at some of my seniors here on the blog and CALL or EMAIL ME!

Friday, October 29, 2010

here's shelby! class of 2011

back to the city! shelby is SOOOOO photogenic.... and she came prepared with a small entourage of cheerleaders/supporters. we had lots of fun capturing the awesome colors & textures of downtown boise. she loved the rustic look out at eagle island too. check out the COLORS we found there!

shelby is one of those fun, happy personalities so i LOVED her smiles and playful attitude, but i think i liked her "serious" face the best. and those EYES! gorgeous!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

three cheers for kylie

kylie is new to the area and already made cheerleader!  this was a fun solo session - full of team spirit :)

allissa! class of 2011.....

beautiful brunette! this one happens to belong to a friend of mine... we found lots of great colors & textures. alisa's smiles just kept coming! mom was close by to help with hair, jewelry, & clothing. we had lots of fun :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

the mahan family

i think this session will hold the record for the most shots i've taken. i think we were over 500! (yikes) i had SO much fun at eagle island again.... i get to see lots of the mahans. they endure many smiles for me because they're our camping buddies. this year we went to yellowstone, the tetons, mccall, stanley, glenn's ferry, & last but not least c'oeur d'alene. it was really fun for me to capture some fabulous family moments on a little more of a "formal" note :)

it's really fun having a friend who looks a little like carrie underwood! (doesn't she??)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

baby presley

wait til you see this baby girl! mom and dad have FOUR boys and along came PRESLEY :) mom came very prepared with lots of frills to dress her up. i was worried about not getting those sleepy baby shots since she was 2 weeks old.... but surprisingly we changed backgrounds, tutus & bows several times and she didn't even STIR!

there's something very magical about brand new babies!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

the butterfield family

so everybody loves the rustic look this year! i know some of these spots will be familiar since many families have just loved eagle island this year.... but these faces are new :)

i did portraits of the butterfields a couple of years ago so i was very surprised to see how TALL all the children have grown. lots of blondes too! can you tell dad is a dentist? very nice smiles!

Learning Partners.... an awesome preschool!

this is my THIRD year with children participating at LEARNING PARTNERS PRESCHOOL.... i absolutely LOVE these women. they do a marvelous job with preschool and pre-K kiddos. here's the link to their website.  www.lppreschool.blogspot.com  check it out!