hi i'm cheryl.... welcome to my blog! just a few of my favorite moments from each session. i had no idea you could have SO much fun turning a passion into a business. thank you to all those i've had the chance to meet and photograph over the last few years! it has been a blast!

ATTENTION class of 2013: it's time to start thinking about senior portraits! can you believe it? i have an almost senior and am so excited to start thinking about locations and capturing this amazing time in life! summer can be the best time to get that senior portrait thing done so take a peek at some of my seniors here on the blog and CALL or EMAIL ME!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

the anderton family

way beautiful family!  i had so much fun with them.....  they were up for anything ~ and what gorgeous kiddos!  (not to mention their stunning mom :)   they chose eagle island for the great textures and colors.  it's such a fun relaxed spot.  thanks for letting me do your family portraits guys!

little schiers :)

these little brothers were SO adorable together. they belong to a friend of mine and it was really fun spending the entire time on just two little guys! we're back at eagle island which was THE spot last fall..... and the weather couldn't have been better :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

sam - class of 2012

love the depot this time of year!  sam and his mom were great....  when we were describing ourselves so we could meet up down there, she said to look for a really handsome kid with dark hair & skin.  i thought that was really cute.

we found lots of fall color and here again is a musically talented guy sporting his awesome instrument....   i love that!  :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

ryan.... class of 2012!

i've had the chance to do senior portraits for a few football players this year.  i LOVE that this guy isn't just a big, tough football player....  he also brought along his banjo!  i guess his dad plays too.  isn't that cool?  the weather has been terrific & the fall colors were just awesome!

Monday, October 17, 2011

the carlson family

i've known carlsons for years.  they were brave enough way back when i was starting out to let me practice on them.  it was so fun doing their portraits now that their kiddos are so grown up!  they woke up early on a saturday morning to capture these portraits...  we had great weather and a gorgeous location!

the deere family

here's the deeres :)   i always think there should be some sort of tractor in their pictures... (with a name like that!)   i've had the chance to do their family portraits for three or four years now. gorgeous friend of mine! we decided to hit katherine albertson park for their session this time. i forget how amazing that park is. just a hint of fall color coming out when we were there.  beautiful family!  thank you friends!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

and nate makes four!

nate is our only april birthday so september was a tough one for him ;)  all the attention, phone calls, cards, and presents - not to mention the BIRTHDAY PARTIES....   he'll be happy come april but september was for the birds.  at least we got to throw him in a picture with the four kids.  this first one is our christmas card so i hope you'll act surprised & pleased when it comes in the mail.

and last but certainly not least....

lauren is a junior this year.... hard to believe 17 years has already passed.  i like to think back to when she was tiny and would ask me to play the movie cinderella over & over again.

we got to our location and she started putting her outfits together and i have to say i wasn't too excited about most of them - but they're just her style and she pulled it off!  i love taking her pictures.  she has those golden brown eyes and long gorgeous hair.  she's just one of those photogenic people - and she's had a lot of practice posing over the years.

(thank you adria for the fun headband you made for her bday!  soooooooooo perfect!)